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Tips for a Positive Home Buying Experience During COVID-19

May 04 - Posted at 8:58 AM
Buying a home might not be considered an essential activity during the coronavirus lockdown, but you can still go house hunting from the safety of home. Technology has made it possible to find real estate agents, tour homes, research neighborhoods, and negotiate with sellers without ever leaving the house. From 3D virtual tours to video chat, sellers are using all kinds of tools to show off their homes and stay in touch with buyers from a distance. If you’re still on the hunt for your dream home during this strange time, take advantage of these great resources!

Your First Steps

From learning about the real estate market to listing your dream home “must-haves,” there are several important steps to take before you can start looking for homes.

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House-Hunting from a Distance

Protect your family from COVID-19 by searching for properties from a safe distance. You can use various online tools to view homes and even close your sale without leaving the house.

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As the coronavirus forces everyone to limit their time away from home, house-hunting is becoming increasingly difficult. Fortunately, you can still find great properties online! Once you’re prepared with your financial prerequisites and you’ve found an experienced real estate agent, put your feet up and start searching. House hunting from home can be a lot of fun!

Article written and provided by Katie Conroy

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